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Faith, Hope, Etc…

Whenever one faces failure in life, the most common words heard are “Have Faith/Hope, everything will turn up fine.” I won’t lie but even I said the same words to others and even tried to apply it to myself.

Throughout our life we see many different personalities – helpful, trustworthy, good, neutral, bad, cheaters, treacherous (mostly on the negative side). And go through many difficult situations.

Every time we face failure or we are let down, out first instinct is tell ourselves to have faith and that life is just. And that life will give us a lot of other opportunities. But at the end of the day we all are human. All of us have a limit to how much we can take.



So what happens next? Most of us lose faith, face nervous breakdown and go in depression.  Some continue to live in the past and dream about the things that could have changed had things gone differently. Some of us continue along the same path and hope for the best to happen. But few people change in a different way. They become impervious to everything around them. They are no longer affected by the failures and neither are they overjoyed by the success. They create a shell around themselves and stay in it.

So under which group you guys fall under?



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Happy Endings…….

14th February has gone, but it seems love is still in the air, as a lot blogs about love are floating around.Not that I am complaining and I am not even against love, but life has somehow always found ways to remind me that life is not a cakewalk and not everything has happy ending, there are stories which have tragic ends as well.


The way I feel after reading all these love stories is quite complex.  First I feel jealous (Don’t ask me why, it’s obvious that my love story doesn’t have a fairy tale ending). Then I feel guilt that why do I feel jealous (I am not a bad person so I shouldn’t be jealous of others happiness).  And then finally I feel happy, happy for all the people around me, who have found love, and are living happily together with their loved ones.


So to all the people, I wish that may you guys continue to have a very happy life filled with love.

Too Much Expectations……

In today’s world, most of the frustrations which we face are because of not meeting the expectations which we have set in our mind. We expect too much from other people and from the life in general and sometimes even set unrealistic expectations.



We expect a lot from different people, like we expect our colleagues and manager to give fair treatment at work; we expect help from family and friends; we expect to be loved; expect people to like us; expect people to be honest to us; and the list goes on and on.



Grow up guys, be realistic and realize that the world is not a fair place. Human beings are by nature selfish. Thinking that most of the people will meet up your expectations is similar to you thinking that a Lion will not eat you since you are a vegetarian. Most of the people will never sacrifice their desires and comfort for others. In fact even I confess that for most of the people I know, I will not sacrifice my comforts and desires.
And many times the things we do for others have an underlying selfish reason, no matter how noble the deed may be. Even when people are in love, each one does that for a certain selfish reason which he or she might not want to admit initially ( I know many people might not agree to it ).
From my experiences, I have taught myself never to expect anything from others. After this, if someone does something for you, then nothing can compare the happiness you get from it. And if no one does anything, it won’t hurt that much.
There are many other benefits of not expecting too much from others. You get to learn more about others, know their strengths and follies and this helps you appreciate them as they really are. Remember everyone has his or her own burden to bear, and yours is definitely not their priority.

The Truth about Illuminati…..

Much is said and speculated about the Illuminati. No other secret society except the Masons has generated so much misinformation, legends and hysteria. As mentioned in my previous blog that Illuminati is not an ancient society as mentioned in Angels and Demons, but founded in 1776. So let me present you the chronological overview about the secret society, which I have gathered from different sources. It’s going to be long and boring but hope that you find it informative.

1776 May 1.
In Bavaria, Dr. Adam Weishaupt founds the Order of the Illuminati with an original membership of five, within the existing masonic lodges of Germany. The Order is secret, hierarchical and modeled on the Jesuits. The original name for the Order was uncertain: Perfectibilists and Bees were both considered, but Weishaupt settled on Illuminati – chosen, perhaps, because of the “image of the sun radiating illumination to outer circles” .The Order was, therefore, always represented in communications between members as a circle with a dot in the center. Weishaupt eschewed the notion of seizing existing political structures, something truly exceptional for most revolutionists;
Like most secret societies the basic structure of the Order was divided into classes and degrees, in the following manner:

1. The Nursery
I.     Preparatory Literary Essay
II.    Novitiate (Novice)
III.  Minerval (Brethren of Minerva, Academy of Illuminism)
IV.  Illuminatus Minor
2. Symbolic Freemasonry
I.     Apprentice
II.   Fellow Craft
III. Master
a.  Scots Major Illuminatus
b.  Scots Illuminatus Dirigens (Directory)
3. Mysteries
I.   Lesser
a.  Presbyter, Priest, or Epopt
b.  Prince or Regent
II.  Greater
a.  Magus
b.  Rex or King

Weishaupt is initiated into Freemasonry, in Munich, at the Lodge Theodore of Good Counsel. By the middle of 1779, Weishaupt’s “Insinuators” had completely wrestled control of the Lodge and it was regarded as part of the Order of the Illuminati.

July. Baron von Knigge is initiated into the Order. Knigge was connected to the court of Hesse-Cassel and a prominent Strict Observance freemason. He subsequently restructured the Order and recruited many prominent members: “the notion of restricting the field of recruiting solely to the young was abandoned, and this phase of the propaganda was widened so as to include men of experience whose wisdom and influence might be counted upon to assist in attaining the objects of the order.” By 1784, largely due to Knigge’s circle of influence, the Illuminati had “between two and three thousand members.”

July 16. Congress of Wilhelmsbad convened. Probably the most significant event of the era as far as any official coalition between secret society factions:
It was not until the Congress de Wilhelmsbad that the alliance between Illuminism and Freemasonry was finally sealed.

April 20. Baron von Knigge resigns from the Illuminati. His quarrels with Weishaupt over the direction and management of the Order had reached a boiling point. A certain amount of jealousy was apparent from both parties – though Weishaupt certainly was a Machiavellian, by all accounts.
June 22. The Elector of Bavaria, Duke Carl Theodore, issues the first edict against secret societies not authorized by the law or the sovereign.
July 1. Knigge signs a formal agreement to return all property, rituals and initiations belonging to the Order, and to maintain silence about Illuminati secrets. Knigge was convinced of Weishaupt’s Jesuitism; he accused him of being “a Jesuit in disguise.”
This first edict seems to have been brought upon by ex-member, Professor Joseph Utzschneider, who had quit the Order in August 1783. Just a few months later, in October, Utzschneider along with Grünberger and Cosandey, fellow professors with him in the Marianen (Marienburg) Academy and members of the Order, presented the Duchess Maria Anna with an internal Illuminati document, and a membership list. The Duchess was thoroughly alarmed and passed it on to the Duke.

February. Some members of the Illuminati appeal to Carl Theodore for an appearance before him to prove their innocence. The offer is rejected.
March 2. The Bavarian Monarch issues the second edict against secret societies, specifically naming the Illuminati and Freemasonry; shortly after a considerable amount of important documents were concealed or put to the flames. This second ban was more forceful, it “left no room for evasion.” The government enforcers were giving weapons to “wage an effective command.”
Weishaupt had already left his post at the University two weeks earlier, obviously knowing about the approaching storm. “He fled across the border to Regensburg, and finally settled at Gotha” under the protection of Illuminati member Duke of Saxe-Gotha.
Judicial inquiries were held at Ingolstadt. Subsequent government measures were taken and some members made formal confessions. A considerable membership was found to be held within the military; officers and soldiers were ordered to come forward and confess any involvement. State officials, professors, teachers, and students who were found out to be members were summarily dismissed. Some were even banished from the country.
September 9. Utzschneider, Grünberger, and Cosandey make a joint Juridical Deposition before the Elector.

October 11. Police search Xavier Zwack’s residence in Landshut. A number of books and over two hundred letters, between Weishaupt and the Areopagites, were confiscated. The documents were published by the Bavarian government under the title Einige Originalschriften des Illuminaten Ordens.
The evidence discovered at Zwack’s residence was considerable: besides the secret communications between the Illuminati Adepts, the authorities found tables containing the Order’s symbols and the Persian calendar; membership rosters, statutes, instructions for recruiters, ceremonies of initiation and imprints of the Order’s insignia; a eulogy of atheism and a copy of a manuscript entitled Better Than Horus; a proposal for a branch of Illuminism for woman; several hundred impressions of Government seals (with a list of their owners, princes, nobles, clergymen, merchants, etc.), for the purposes of counterfeiting; instructions for the making of the poison Aqua Toffana, poisonous gas and secret ink; “an infernal machine” for the safeguarding of secret papers – apparently a strong box that would blow up, destroying its contents; and receipts for procuring abortion and a formula for making a tea to induce the procedure.
In the space of a few months, in 1786 – in order to save face – Weishaupt pens 9 different apologetic pamphlets, most notably: Apologie der Illuminaten, Frankfort and Leipzig, 1786, and Vollständige Geschichte der Verfolgung der Illuminaten in Bayern, Frankfort and Leipzig, 1786. [VS]

As a result of further police searches of Baron Bassus’ castle at Sandersdorf, the Bavarian government published more secret documents of the Order: Nachtrag von weitern Originalschriften …
August 16. The third and final edict against the Order is put into effect by the Duke of Bavaria.

There have been numerous theories since then that the Illuminati had survived within the Masons and represented an ongoing international conspiracy, including the claim that it was behind the French revolution. But we can never be sure.

The first cipher used by the Illuminati novice

Basic cipher

The Hieroglyphic cipher used by the Illuminati.