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Interview Blunders……

Well, a lot has been written and said about what to so or how to act in an interview. But after taking a few interviews and also after listening to a few interview stories, I decided, why not write about them, so that you get an idea about what you should never do/say in an interview, ever, especially if it’s a campus interview. If you cannot impress the interviewer, atleast don’t embarrass yourself. Here is a list of true funny (or even stupid) interview stories:

1. A female not wearing a bra under her shirt.
2. The above said female bending too much without even a sweater over her shirt.
3. Bitching about the college staff and students when the interviewer is a college pass-out.
4. Telling the company that you are their option two, and that you would leave the minute you got through to your first priority.
5. Not even knowing what the company is about.
6. Discussing your relationship problems.
7. Saying why the company should not charge more than required from their clients.
8. Crying in front of them.
9. Telling them that your percentage is bad because you were sick and on bed rest for a disease that will make sure they never hire you.
10. And finally when you are selected after a telephonic round, telling the HR (when inquired about the different voice over the phone) that it was your friend who was on the phone and you were dictating the answers.

If you are thinking that no one will do all these mistakes, then my friend, you are in for a surprise. There are people who make such mistakes and am sorry to say so that I have no words to describe them. And no prizes for guessing about whether they were selected or not…..