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Faith, Hope, Etc…

Whenever one faces failure in life, the most common words heard are “Have Faith/Hope, everything will turn up fine.” I won’t lie but even I said the same words to others and even tried to apply it to myself.

Throughout our life we see many different personalities – helpful, trustworthy, good, neutral, bad, cheaters, treacherous (mostly on the negative side). And go through many difficult situations.

Every time we face failure or we are let down, out first instinct is tell ourselves to have faith and that life is just. And that life will give us a lot of other opportunities. But at the end of the day we all are human. All of us have a limit to how much we can take.



So what happens next? Most of us lose faith, face nervous breakdown and go in depression.  Some continue to live in the past and dream about the things that could have changed had things gone differently. Some of us continue along the same path and hope for the best to happen. But few people change in a different way. They become impervious to everything around them. They are no longer affected by the failures and neither are they overjoyed by the success. They create a shell around themselves and stay in it.

So under which group you guys fall under?