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Too Much Expectations……

In today’s world, most of the frustrations which we face are because of not meeting the expectations which we have set in our mind. We expect too much from other people and from the life in general and sometimes even set unrealistic expectations.



We expect a lot from different people, like we expect our colleagues and manager to give fair treatment at work; we expect help from family and friends; we expect to be loved; expect people to like us; expect people to be honest to us; and the list goes on and on.



Grow up guys, be realistic and realize that the world is not a fair place. Human beings are by nature selfish. Thinking that most of the people will meet up your expectations is similar to you thinking that a Lion will not eat you since you are a vegetarian. Most of the people will never sacrifice their desires and comfort for others. In fact even I confess that for most of the people I know, I will not sacrifice my comforts and desires.
And many times the things we do for others have an underlying selfish reason, no matter how noble the deed may be. Even when people are in love, each one does that for a certain selfish reason which he or she might not want to admit initially ( I know many people might not agree to it ).
From my experiences, I have taught myself never to expect anything from others. After this, if someone does something for you, then nothing can compare the happiness you get from it. And if no one does anything, it won’t hurt that much.
There are many other benefits of not expecting too much from others. You get to learn more about others, know their strengths and follies and this helps you appreciate them as they really are. Remember everyone has his or her own burden to bear, and yours is definitely not their priority.