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Happy Endings…….

14th February has gone, but it seems love is still in the air, as a lot blogs about love are floating around.Not that I am complaining and I am not even against love, but life has somehow always found ways to remind me that life is not a cakewalk and not everything has happy ending, there are stories which have tragic ends as well.


The way I feel after reading all these love stories is quite complex.  First I feel jealous (Don’t ask me why, it’s obvious that my love story doesn’t have a fairy tale ending). Then I feel guilt that why do I feel jealous (I am not a bad person so I shouldn’t be jealous of others happiness).  And then finally I feel happy, happy for all the people around me, who have found love, and are living happily together with their loved ones.


So to all the people, I wish that may you guys continue to have a very happy life filled with love.